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In addition to TiePoint-bkm’s renowned design work for new and expanded data center facilities, the following consulting services are also available as separate services.

Infrastructure Planning

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We assist owners with the process of identifying and selecting infrastructure configurations and capacities that will best meet their long term objectives. Each data processing organization has a unique system architecture and projected load density (power and cooling consumption). We help the client clarify these parameters and select an optimal electrical and cooling infrastructure design.

Existing Facility Assessments

TiePoint-bkm provides comprehensive assessments of critical facility systems and processes. Ninety percent of data center facility assessments are reactive. Don’t wait until a downtime event has occurred. We spend several days on site reviewing infrastructure systems and related operations practices. Our reports clearly:

• Quantify individual infrastructure systems’ remaining capacity (room for growth)
• Identify single points of failure before they cause surprise events
• Determine which systems fail to match availability objectives, such as concurrent maintainability or fault tolerance
• Ascertain Facility Operations and IT Operations process shortcomings versus uptime objectives
• Highlight deficiencies before downtime occurs
• Acknowledge effective practices in place

Energy Solutions

TiePoint-bkm assesses existing facilities, as well as new facility designs, and recommends prioritized steps to reduce energy consumption, including a means of documenting the savings. Upon request, we will assist with LEED and/or EnergyStar facility certification.

Operational Procedures

TiePoint-bkm will prepare a comprehensive list of recommended training, system descriptions, operating procedures and emergency procedure documents for the data center Facilities Operations group. We develop and test, together with the owner’s staff, each of the recommended site-specific procedures.

Peer Reviews

TiePoint-bkm will provide an assessment of a new facility design, as a means of identifying issues that may impact systems reliability. TiePoint-bkm Peer Reviews enable modifications to be made while the project is still in the planning or development phase.

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