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TiePoint-bkm Design

Dedicated to High-Availability

Long Lead Equipment


We provide designs and specifications for long-lead-time equipment early in the project to help the owner fast track the project. We will assist the owner’s Construction Management Team in preparing equipment procurement recommendations and reviewing warranty and PM service proposals with long-lead-time equipment vendors. Helping the owner evaluate and qualify long-lead-time equipment proposals is only part of the value our vendor relationships bring to the project.

Factory Acceptance Testing

TiePoint-bkm prepares custom procedures for and – together with the owner – witnesses factory acceptance testing of key infrastructure systems. All test results are reviewed and summarized. All functions are fully tested at the factory, allowing the site acceptance process to focus on installation and integrated testing.


Construction Red

Our process validates each system has been properly installed and that all systems work as an integrated whole. TiePoint-bkm prepares procedures for and – together with the owner – witnesses site acceptance testing of key infrastructure systems; then reviews and summarizes test results. We consider commissioning an integral part of the design process. After all, the engineer who designs your facility should be the one to tell you it works properly.

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