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Founded in 1994, TiePoint-bkm’s staff of registered senior-level engineers represent some of the most experienced data center engineers in the industry. In fact, TiePoint-bkm’s expertise in high-availability has made them one of the select few electrical engineering firms with the experience necessary to serve as the client’s prime consultant. The TiePoint-bkm team has created some of the world’s most reliable data centers.

Design: Internet Services Provider

Tier IV, 60,000 square feet of raised floor, 110 watts-per-square-foot load density, three 2(N+1) UPS systems, 16 MW 15 kV N+2 sound attenuated engine-generator system with closed transition transfer with utility.

Design: Major Insurance Company

Tier IV – Uptime Institute Certified, 40,000 square feet of raised floor, 60 watts-per-square-foot load density, 2(N+1) UPS system, N+1 engine-generator system with closed transition transfer with utility. Mechanical plant replacement required sequential installation strategies to maintain continuous operation. BAS controls were replaced with fault-tolerant Delta V industrial controllers. The multi-phase infrastructure upgrade replaced an existing Tier II infrastructure.

Design: Electronic Media

Ongoing design and engineering support for three campus data center facilities totaling 190,000 sq. ft. Comprehensive design and construction period services for a concurrently maintainable (Tier III) 50,000 sq. ft. facility completed in 2008, delivering 150 W/SF across 16,500 square feet of raised floor.

Design: Transportation Services Firm

6.4 MW, 13.2 kV engine-generator plant, 6 x 600 kW UPS modules, automatic static transfer switches, medium voltage control and distribution equipment and low voltage distribution equipment support a 60,000 square foot data center for dual-power-cord technology.

2,400 kW, 480 V system + system UPS replacement, 10 x 600 kW UPS modules, automatic main-tie-tie-main transfer system, low voltage distribution equipment to support a 60,000 square foot data center for dual-power-cord technology.

Forensics: Incident Review and Root Cause Analysis

TiePoint-bkm has extensive experience assisting data center owners with the review of incidents and in providing root cause analysis for infrastructure system failures, including engine-generator systems, transfer systems, and UPS systems.

Forensics: Site Uptime Network® Abnormal Incident Reporting

TiePoint-bkm has a unique capacity to capture critical lessons learned from incident reports submitted by over 150 data centers. Without divulging the origin or details of any specific incidents reported, TiePoint-bkm provides clients the benefits of this volume of data in the design of their custom facility.

Consulting: Energy Study

TiePoint-bkm developed a real-time energy model for a 60,000 square foot, 110 watts-per-square-foot data center that predicts energy consumption, system efficiency, and PUE.

Consulting: Site Reviews

TiePoint-bkm provides site reviews that encompass all of the key infrastructure systems. Reviews typically focus on maintainability and availability, operating conditions, and suitability for ongoing system support.

Consulting: Mechanical and Electrical Systems LCCA

TiePoint-bkm provides life cycle cost analyses for a variety of mechanical and electrical systems to assist owners in evaluating initial costs, in addition to total cost of ownership.

Consulting: UPS Modifications

Product and system upgrades require thorough investigation to determine overall impact on existing system availability. TiePoint-bkm possesses extensive experience assisting data center owners in evaluating, preparing procedures for, and implementing product and system upgrades.

Consulting: Infrastructure Capacity Planning

Many data center clients have benefited from TiePoint-bkm’s expertise with planning infrastructure capacity. These efforts typically begin with a thorough survey of existing conditions, continue with an analysis of the site’s goals for power density and uptime, and conclude with a strategic plan to migrate from existing operating conditions to desired operating conditions.

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