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Forensic Analysis

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TiePoint-bkm Engineers remain in close and frequent contact with clients over the life of their data center facilities. This includes fielding emergency calls when a client has an unexpected incident with an infrastructure system or component. We have earned a reputation for providing thorough and timely post-event analyses for our clients through the following services:

Manufacturer Defects

During our seven years of providing Technical Overview for the Site Uptime Network’s database of over 4,000 abnormal incident reports, TiePoint-bkm gained significant familiarity with individual manufacturers’ issues that could impact reliable equipment performance. Many industry manufacturers have an established relationship with TiePoint-bkm and are quick to assist with candid updates when a product or service issue is identified. This access to the most current information is a significant advantage for TiePoint-bkm clients.

Root Cause Analyses


Facilities system issues that cause (or nearly cause) data processing interruptions require rapid, yet thorough, post-event analyses to determine root cause and identify plans to prevent recurrences. TiePoint-bkm has an excellent reputation for providing responsive and methodical forensic analyses, enabling clients’ Facilities teams to effectively deliver post-mortem summaries and define strategic action plans for their IT customers. For more info on TiePoint-bkm Forensics, call 410-583-9100.