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Facility Operations Solutions

Synergy of Facility, People and Practices

Triangle Icon Achieving Optimal Facility Performance requires more than advanced technology and precision engineering. The human-side of the equation – training, staffing, policies and procedures – will make the difference in daily performance and in long-term ROI. TiePoint-bkm Facility Operations Solutions ensure that every facility fulfills its optimal performance potential based on its unique environment, age and capabilities.

TiePoint-bkm Facility Operations Solutions offer a tailored yet systematic and common-sense approach to procedures, practices and training that help ensure the facility operates at the level it was designed and built to attain. In addition, our Facility Operations Solutions help Facilities staff develop the knowledge, tools and confidence to avoid preventable incidents, and quickly minimize the effects of those that are unavoidable.

TiePoint-bkm Facility Operations Solutions are tailored to the unique capabilities of both staff and facility. Available as an integrated part of the new facility’s design, and as standalone services for existing facilities, TiePoint-bkm Facility Operations Solutions include:

  • Site-specific Training and Procedures Programs, including Strategy, Development, Testing, and Implementation
  • Critical Facilities Staffing Strategies including Recommended Organization Structure, Shift Coverage, Job Descriptions and Objectives, Interview Assistance, and Appraisal Process Development
  • Human Factors Design Input for New and Upgraded Facilities
  • Facilitation of Mutual Expectations and Defined Task Ownership between departments who collaborate in the critical facility’s operation (Information Technology, Security, Facilities, Network, etc.)
  • Human Factors Reviews for Existing Facilities
  • Custom Benchmarking and Project Management

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