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What Sets Us Apart

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TiePoint-bkm Engineering, LLC has developed a unique project delivery process to meet the needs of our clients. We serve as the prime consultant on our projects, thus allowing us to establish the performance expectations for the design team and ensure that these expectations are met throughout the project.

We work closely with the client to establish and fully understand client goals and expectations for the project. The client is engaged in approval of design concepts and long-lead-time equipment, and we welcome and encourage client participation in factory and site acceptance testing. Our goal is to ensure that client expectations are met, and that by the end of the project, the client is totally familiar with the operation of every system and every piece of equipment. We view the entire project as an ongoing learning and training experience for client personnel.

Our senior management stays heavily involved in every project. Our engineers are senior, seasoned professionals, and they remain on the project from kickoff until the completion of commissioning.

The Availability is in the Details

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We engineer the details rather than rely on vendors and contractors to deal with the details during construction. We believe that construction period services and commissioning are an integral part of the design process because these activities ensure that the design intent is successfully implemented. TiePoint-bkm is just as involved in the field during construction and commissioning as we are during design.

We realize that each project has a 20-year life cycle so our focus is on ensuring that the client is delighted with the facility and infrastructure systems, and that the client team is thoroughly educated and trained on the design and operation of each system. We often are retained throughout the entire life cyle of the building to assist and advise on maintenance and operational procedures and issues. TiePoint-bkm is a readily available resource to the client for any needs that may arise during operation of the facility.

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